Kennel Clumbus


We are two couples who work together in Kennel Clumbus.

Henrik and Randi who lives the north western part of Denmark together with the clumber spaniels Asti, Candy, Didde and Dior, Tino and Honey  Together they run a small ”hotel for dogs”. Randi is a professional dog trainer.

Hans Peter and Randi also lives in the northern part of Denmark together with their two sons and the clumber spaniels Bella, Bobbel and Bounty, Elsa, Brando and Dot. They have showed and trained dog for servel years and have breed cocker spaniels.

We found the breed just for us the clumber spaniels have spellbound us. They are beautiful, have great personalities and their calm being just smelt your hearts. Our love to the clumber spaniel has already given us so such.
Our clumber spaniels are from the Danish Kennel Chervoods. They are know all over the world for their beautiful and healthy clumber spaniels. And we are convinced that our loving dogs will form a solid  foundation for future puppies.
We wish to create knowledge about this great breed and hope that healthy and happy puppies from Kennel Clumbus will be a step on the way.
Our dogs live in the house as loved members of the family and it will be here the puppies will spend the first eight weeks of their lives. The well being of our dogs will always come first also when they have left for their new homes.

The four of us have solid knowledge and will able to support and give advise to the future owners of a puppy from Kennel Clumbus