We've paired our Bella with our bounty, it should be a B litter but it becomes our E-litter.

We expect that there will be puppies around mid-September.

A little about the parents.
Bella is a lovely bitch she loves to lie on your back and scratch its belly, and to sit and talk when we eat. So she's really good at drawing attention to themselves. She is a wonderful family dog​​.

She enjoys when we have to go to shows, and she has gradually tried very many times. She is lovely easy to work with because she is nicely to sleep in their possession cage and wakes up first when Hans Peter stands with the chain, but she is also ready and then you have to wait to take her out for she will out and show off. It is to show off she does incredibly well. Bella has been junior world winner in Paris and has since become best of breed in very many shows she has also been placed between the 4 best sometimes in Group 8, and was the best dog in shows only Spaniels in Germany.
Bella has also been Breedwinner in USD in 2011 0g 2012 and leads the competition in 2013. She has also been the best Clumber Spaniel Spaniel Club in 2011 and the best junior and in 2012 she was 2nd best Spaniel Spaniel Club and the best Clumber Spaniel.

Bounty is our young male. He is such a type is nothing one can love. He is just so lovely. Bounty is almost 2 years, but has seen many things in his life. He believes that no matter how little space you have there is always room for him, he's a master at getting made ​​room for himself and he is a really a clumber, he hears only what he wants to hear, he really has its own personality but in a very nice way.

Despite his young age, he has also been involved in countless exhibitions and been both BOB and BOS many times he has received concerts in Denmark, Germany, Croatia and Sweden. He has been BIS2 on show in Germany, and were selected from the last 6 at a major international exhibition in Croatia at the age of only 14 months His time will come when he will be hard to beat.

Both dogs have been eye without annotations. Bella has A / B hips and elbows 0, Bounty, A / A on hips and one at the elbows.

It will be a litter we are very excited to follow in the future.

Puppies in litter