We've mated Elsa and Bounty

Else has D on her hips, but she has like many others good things and is otherwise a really healthy clumber, so we have chosen to include her in our breeding. Since you should not only look at one thing on a dog but look at the dog as a whole.

Elsa has done well at the exhibitions she has been to, she is international, Danish, Swedish and German champion.

As a family dog, she is a beautiful dog. She is really loving and there is no harm in her.

Bounty was our first male. He was such a type is nothing one can love. He was just so lovely. Bounty had seen many things in his life. He believes that no matter how little space you have there is always room for him, he's a master at getting made ​​room for himself and he is a really a clumber, he hears only what he wants to hear, he really has its own personality but in a very nice way.

Despite his young age, he has also been involved in countless exhibitions and been both BOB and BOS many times he has received concerts in Denmark, Germany, Croatia and Sweden. He has been BIS2 on show in Germany, and were selected from the last 6 at a major international exhibition in Croatia at the age of only 14 months His time will come when he will be hard to beat.

Both dogs are free on the eyes and Elsa has D on the hips and 0 on the elbows. Bounty has A on the hips and 1 on the elbows.

Puppies in litter